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Feeling monotonous of your current game? Looking for a new and exciting private server? Letsplay RO is an up and coming stable mid-rate server (80x/80/50x/custom) with an assurance of a no-wipe system. Come play whenever you want, wherever you want, at your own pace and time!

Basic Infos
Max Level 99 / 70 (trans)
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 192
Open Since October 2019
Party Share 20 Levels
Exp & Drop Rates
Base/Job 80x / 80x
Item Drop 50x
Card Drop 50x
MVP Item Drop 50x
MVP Card Drop 1x

Quest Base Server
Latest User Interface
Mini and MVP Card Enable
(GTB & Ghostring disabled in WoE)
Gepard Shield Anti-Hack 3.0
Anti No-Delay Cheat
Anti-Bot System

Custom Features

Extended Battleground
The Realm of Gods
(Party Dungeon)
Job Specific Item Quest


@commands, @help, @rates, @showdelay, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whodrops, @time, @jailtime, @hominfo, @homstats, @showexp, @showzeny, @whereis, @refresh, @noask, @autoloot, @alootid (VIP), @autotrade, @go, @breakguild, @storage, @whosell, @restock

Custom Commands

!ping, !vsync, @lgp, @circle, @square, @aoes, @shake, @autopots, @ppin, @joinbg, @bgshop, @browser, @joinbg_party, @joinbg_guild, @leavebg, @pub/@pubkill (clone)