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Server Rules

This server would like to maintain its well-managed and well-kept system through the efforts of the Letsplay RO staff, and most importantly, the cooperation of the players. These rules and regulations were created and are being enforced to ensure the balance of plays and enjoyment of all.

 1  Letsplay RO does not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment of co-players. Bullying or harassment is not allowed in any medium, including in-game, through the official Facebook group, or forums. This includes threatening players; making rude comments about looks, race, gender, sexuality, or religion; begging for items from players or GMs; or sexually harassing other players. Any player proven to be committing this offense will receive three (3) warnings before a permanent banning of account. If the same offenses are done by the player in a different account, the player will receive an IP block.

 2  Account sharing is highly discouraged by Letsplay RO as there may be possibilities of being hacked or having a breach of security and personal details. Items that are hacked because of account sharing will not be restored by the support team.

 3  The usage of third party applications in any way is prohibited. This includes but are not limited to bots, auto pots, and other applications that may affect the efficiency of a player. Players found of using such applications will receive three (3) warnings before being permanently banned.

 4  Exploitation of bugs is absolutely not allowed in the server as Letsplay RO highlights the importance of fair play. Players proven to be making use of such bugs will be permanently banned from Letsplay RO. On the other hand, if you feel like certain players are abusing exploits or if there is an existing bug, please report these things immediately through this (link).

 5  Our server advocates good-will and sportsmanship among players. As such, please do not intentionally kill-steal, summon mobs on other farming players, false warp, or debuff other players without their permission. Reported players who are proven to be rude and unbecoming towards other players will receive three (3) warnings before being permanently banned if their attitude persists.

 6  Impersonation of other players, guilds, or game masters are strictly prohibited. Reported players and guilds will be given a chance to change their in-game name by their own accord and expenses. If the call to change names has been ignored by the reported player, then their account will be permanently suspended.

 7  Letsplay RO does not tolerate any form of disrespect towards its staff, including the support team and game masters. These are real people who have dedicated a portion of their talents to make the server a better and playable place. As such, players who are found guilty of disrespecting or harassing Letsplay RO staff will automatically be permanently banned.

 8  Real-money trade (RMT) is allowed by the server. We only officially acknowledge trading through our channel at (link). Letsplay RO shall not be liable for any losses or incidents of players conducting RMT outside of the venue provided by the server.

 9  Modification of the client is not allowed. This includes but are not limited to edits that help the display of skill outline, edits that amplify any kind of sprites, edits that improve client performance, and informational edits that assist in tracking buffs. Players proven to be using client modifications will be permanently banned.