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Support Portal
 Ticketing System

Our team is open to address any and all issues, including technical server issues, player issues, and bugs. The most streamlined way to offer effective support is by submitting a ticket where an individual can report a problem by choosing any of the available options and providing all essential information such as account name and contact details. This can be done on our website via the Control Panel Mailing page or In-game Support Ticket NPC (Town Hall).


For lengthier reports, matters that require narratives and particulars, or unique cases, you may send us an email at support@letsplayro.com. Be sure to include your username, estimated date and time of issue (if any), screenshots, and all possible details that you can add. All the information that you will be disclosing is confidential and will only be accessible to the Letsplay RO support team.

 Game Masters

We are a server dedicated to making players feel like they are at home. As such, we have Game Masters who work continuously and with specific responsibilities to ensure that all problems can be addressed sufficiently. You may send them a message in-game via the Ticket Support NPC (Town Hall) or to Any Support GM online.


As a player-oriented server, we take suggestions and comments from our patrons seriously. We have created a forum to be the avenue of the players to scrutinize the server and discuss the game in a healthy manner. You may access the forum via this Link or on the tabs at the upper part of the website.