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Terms of Service

Welcome to the website of Letsplay RO!

This agreement sets forth the terms of use by which Letsplay RO offer you access to use and enjoy the following:

• Our private Ragnarok Online server, Letsplay RO;
• Our game website;
• Our game forum; and
• Any of our other applications or websites, including those that are still under development

While using these products, we require you to provide personal information which are bound by our (privacy policy rules.)

By accessing our website and availing our services, it is implied that you agree to our terms and conditions. Please read and assess all the provisions carefully.

1. License

1.1. Grant of a limited license to use the service

Letsplay RO grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-sublicenseable, and revocable limited rights for your personal non-commercial use only. These services are being granted to you and no transfer of rights or ownership is being given. All of these are subject to your continuous compliance to these terms of service.

• You shall not create an account and you may not access the services granted by Letsplay RO if you are under the age of 12. We are not accountable for any unauthorized usage of payment methodologies such as credit cards on our website by an individual below 12 years old. All transactions on the website are considered valid and irreversible.
• You shall not create an account under the premises of falsification of identity. You are also not allowed to sell your account, and you may not avail of the services of Letsplay RO if you have been banned or proven to violate these terms of service

1.2. License term

The terms of this license provision will take effect on the date that you accept this terms of service and shall end on the date of your disposal of the services offered by Letsplay RO.

1.3. Username and Password

In order to create an account on our website, to be used for gaming and forum services, you will be required to provide a username and a password (‘Account Information’). You are not allowed to share your account information, let anyone other than yourself access your account, or do anything that may result in a security breach of your account. If you suspect a breach in security, inform the Letsplay RO team immediately. The responsibility for account maintenance are solely yours.

Letsplay RO reserves the right to cancel or reclaim an account if the individual is proven to have violated the terms of service.

2. License Limitations

These terms are strictly enforced and non-compliance or violations will result in the revoking of your account.

By using any of our services, you agree and you will be bound to the following stipulations:

2.1. You will not engage in any transactions or untoward behavior that may affect Letsplay RO in any way
2.2. Usage of cheats, exploits, unallowed third party programs such as bots are strictly prohibited in Letsplay RO and is punishable by revocation of account and other availed services
2.3. Re-programming and reverse engineering of the source code of any of the services of Letsplay RO is not permitted
2.4. Any intellectual properties developed and used by Letsplay RO belongs to Letsplay RO alone
2.5. You will not engage in malicious cyber attacks such as hacking and DDOS
2.6. You will not post any obscene, pornographic, malicious, libelous, defamatory, racist, sexual, religious, or any offensive content on any of the platforms provided by LetsplayRO
2.7. You will not harass, threaten, bully other users nor post abusive or malicious content about other users in any of our platforms
2.8. Illegal acquisition of the private information of any of our users is not allowed

3. Virtual Items

In our gaming service, you may unlock access to any of the following in-game virtual items or goods associated to your account or guild:

• Characters
• Equipment
- Weapons
- Armor
- Cards
- Ammunition
• Consumables

3.1. You may unlock the usage of the following items/goods through in-game farming, in-game buying/transactions, cash points, or through donating.
3.2. You are solely responsible for any taxes applied by purchasing cash points or donating. Letsplay RO has the right to change the prices for any services offered as we deem fit with or without prior notice.
3.3. You have no ownership of the virtual items/goods that you were allowed to unlock through farming, in-game transactions, cash points, or donation. Letsplay RO only allows you the rights to access the goods with no cash equivalent or monetary value in the real world.

4. Suspension or termination of service

4.1. Failure to comply to any of the stipulations in the terms of service shall result in the termination of account
4.2. With or without prior notice, Letsplay RO may limit or suspend an account to access any of our services if found guilty of not complying to the terms of service
4.3. Letsplay RO will not undergo any server-wide deletion of items or inactive accounts
4.4. You may terminate your account any time for any reason by contacting our support team

5. Modification of terms of service

5.1. Letsplay RO reserves the right to modify its terms of service by means of adding or removing a provision or editing a stipulation at any given time. By availing our services, it is understood that you agree to these terms
5.2. You may terminate your use of any of our services if you do not agree with any of the stipulations in the terms of service

6. Force Majeure

Letsplay RO shall not be liable to any delay of delivery of services due to factors outside the control of the company, such as acts of god, war, terrorism, fire or any man-made and natural accidents.